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Point Hueneme Lighthouse Promenade

By Rose Castro-Bran


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The path to Point Hueneme Lighthouse has just “gotten a little brighter” with the construction of a new road dedicated to the lighthouse, appropriately called the “Lighthouse Promenade”.

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By: Rose Castro-Bran

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist

Point Hueneme Lighthouse

Visitors can now enjoy a half mile stroll on the newly paved road while listening to the waves as they reach the lighthouse. To make the pathway even more enticing, it is lined with light poles that lead guests directly to the lighthouse. As you can imagine, the view at night with the lights “illuminating the way” is nothing short of breathtaking. That is until you reach the real treasure, the ever brilliant 4th order Fresnel lens which shines almost 20 miles out to sea in pure darkness.

Commissioners from the Oxnard Harbor District(port operators), Port Hueneme City officials, U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliarists, students and faculty from Port Hueneme Elementary, and the public were on hand to witness the inaugural celebration on March 21st, 2008 of the opening of the “Lighthouse Promenade”. Art work from the local school kids lined the lighthouse walls and there was a continuous flow of enthusiastic visitors all day.

The current Point Hueneme Lighthouse was constructed in 1940 and with its art modern structure is like a time capsule to the Art Moderne period of the 1920’s - 1940’s. Since it is the only one of its kind in California, it has added to the eclectic mix of lighthouses that California is known for.

As one resident described it, “I’ve lived here my whole life and I never realized we had such a gem in our back yard.”

The energy of the local residents is contagious as they leave the lighthouse and return with more family members and friends wanting to show them the “cool” lighthouse.

The present Point Hueneme Lighthouse is not the original structure. The original lighthouse was a Swiss-Elizabethan style built in 1874. The current Art-Moderne style lighthouse was constructed in 1940 to replace the original structure which needed to be moved due to the construction of the port.

The present lighthouse no longer has to “apologize” for being the replacement lighthouse. It has captured the hearts of local residents and visitors alike. It now has a regular flow of visitors on its path and has been granted its true place as an important part of history.

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