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Wickie's Wisdom

A Challenging Time

By Timothy Harrison


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Since the very first issue of Lighthouse Digest in May of 1992, we have always strived to bring lost and forgotten lighthouse history back to life as well as the latest news about lighthouses and the efforts being made save and maintain them.

Now, for the first time since our first issue 28 years ago, we, along with most of the rest of the nation are facing a crisis beyond what anyone ever imagined. During this time of self-sequestering, which we certainly hope is over by the time this issue is published, we have had to re-think a lot of things. The volatility of the economy could conceivably make some people believe that magazine subscriptions are frivolous, but Lighthouse Digest is quite the opposite. Our vital mission, and sole existence, is to research and publish lighthouse history – that of yesteryear and today – so that it can be saved for future generations. Our staff, designers, answering service, vendors, printer, and even the postal service depend on magazines such as Lighthouse Digest, for us all to survive.

Additionally, we must consider the plant where Lighthouse Digest is printed – there are scores of people from the person who sells the paper to the printer, to the buyer who makes the purchase, to the sales reps, customer service reps, press operators, and packing and shipping personnel whose jobs also depend on carrying accounts like ours. Then there are the countless people of the U.S. Postal service that get each issue to our subscribers around the world. It’s hard to imagine that one magazine could touch so many lives. Yet, we do.

Additionally, your purchases of products and books from Lighthouse Digest and your support of our advertisers, plus subscriptions and renewals, is also helping our nation’s economy all while helping to save lighthouse history for those who follow us.

So, in this strange time of turmoil around the globe – please be safe and continue to practice social distancing. And what better time to catch up on reading about lighthouse history than now, visit our website www.LighthouseDigest.com/shop to renew your subscription, give a gift subscription, and buy a book or two.

Please remember that your orders and subscription renewals will help us and others stay in business while helping to save lighthouse history. And, perhaps, maybe even more importantly, your tax deductible donations at www.LighthouseHistoryResearch.org may well make the ultimate difference if Lighthouse Digest can survive past this world-wide pandemic.

We thank you for being part of our lighthouse family and with your ongoing financial support, as well as your love of lighthouses and the history associated with them, you can help make a difference during this challenging time in history.

We wish you all the best and please, stay safe.

Timothy Harrison

Editor & Publisher

Lighthouse Digest

This story appeared in the May/Jun 2020 edition of Lighthouse Digest Magazine. The print edition contains more stories than our internet edition, and each story generally contains more photographs - often many more - in the print edition. For subscription information about the print edition, click here.

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