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July 2009

Photo By: Joe Kiebish

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And In The Print Edition ...

Castle Museum Features Major Lighthouse Exhibit

By Timothy Harrison

Collecting Nautical Antiques

By Jim Claflin

It's Always Neat at Pigeon Point

By Vincente Menjivar

Keeper’s Korner

By Timothy Harrison

Keepers Korner

By Timothy Harrison

Lens Rediscovered

By Keith Thompson

Michigan City's Love Affair With Its Lighthouse

By Rick A. Richards

On The Brink Of Destruction

Oswego Lighthouse Now City Owned

By Bill Edwards

PHAROS: A must read

By Timothy Harrison

Porphyry Point Lighthouse

By Jane Byers


By Jeffrey Burke

South Manitou Lighthouse Relighted

By Timothy Harrison

Still and Always: The Keeper of Punta Libeccio

By Annamaria “Lilla” Mariotti

Stock Market Crash Changed Production

By Timothy Harrison

Superman’s Hometown To Get Beacon of Hope Lighthouse

The Light At Piedras Blancas

By Carole Adams

The Lindbergh Beacon

By Timothy Harrison

Thunder Bay Crew Restores Eastern Point Light

What happened to Bitter Lakes Lighthouse?

Where Was This Fog Bell Used?

Wickie’s Wisdom

By Timothy Harrison

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