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December 2009

Our annual Christmas cover by Maine artist Virginia Souza is of the Racine Reef Lighthouse that once stood in Racine, Wisconsin and is named, "The Spirit of Lighthouses Past." Souza said that when she began to research the Racine Reef Lighthouse to get some ideas for the painting she came across some images that inspired her for this painting. One such image was of the vessel assigned to the demolition of the lighthouse. She felt the vessel should have been doing something nice, rather than tearing down a lighthouse. She imagined that a tugboat brought Santa and Rudolph to Racine Reef to help decorate the lighthouse as well as bring presents to the keepers. When they were done and as the tugboat pulled away, Santa, with Rudolph at his side, saluted the beautiful lighthouse. The January issue of Lighthouse Digest will have a story about this lighthouse with a number of rare and dramatic photographs. The Racine Reef Lighthouse print, "The Spirit of Lighthouses Past," is available from Lighthouse Depot as item #89348 by calling 1-800-758-1444 or on-line at www.LighthouseDepot.com.

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And In The Print Edition .

Book Review

Cape May Lighthouse Celebrates 150 Years

Cape St. George Re-lit

Celebrating the Beacons of the Great Lakes

Collecting Nautical Antiques

By Jim Claflin

From the Dusty Pages of Time

Hooper Strait Replica

Kauhola Point Lighthouse Set for Wrecking Ball

By By Timothy Harrison

Keeper's Korner

By Timothy Harrison

Lighthouse Flag Owner's Photo Surfaces

By Timothy Harrison

Managing Editor Honored With Great Lakes Lighthouse Award

Mt. Greylock Gets Federal Money

Paul Bunyan’s Lighthouse

Photographs of Squaw Point Lighthouse Keepers Rediscovered

By Timothy Harrison

Remembering the Ghost Light at North Manitou Island

By Timothy Harrison

Restoration at Kilauea

Spruce Up at Egg Rock

The Light Was Out When This Was Done

By Timothy Harrison

The Miracle of Sue the Dog M.D. & D.D.S.

Washington's Point No Point To Get New Owners

Wickie’s Wisdom

By Timothy Harrison

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