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Photo By: John McCormick

Our cover image is the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse in Michigan. In 2002, the Coast Guard leased the lighthouse to the Marquette Maritime Museum, who conducts guided tours to the lighthouse. In 2016, ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to the City of Marquette.

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A Lighthouse Mystery “Out Yonder”

A Lost Giant

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From The Archives of Lighthouse Digest

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By Debra Baldwin

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By Timothy Harrison

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Photos of Interest

Plum Island Lighthouse Restoration

Pomham Rocks Third Keeper Honored

Recently Acquired Photos

By Timothy Harrison

Refurbishment of Anclote Key Lighthouse

Remembering Lighthouse Keeper Ernest Gregory DeRaps

Swallowtail Undergoing Repairs

The Artist’s Muse

By Elle Claude

The Iron Beacon

By Timothy Harrison

The Lighthouse Spectre of Pladda Island

By Debra Baldwin

The Passing of a Legend

They Almost Got It Right

By Timothy Harrison

Treacherous Lighthouse Being Restored

Vacationland Lighthouse – FOUND!

Wickie’s Wisdom

By Timothy Harrison

Working at the Port Austin Reef Lighthouse

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