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Name: Sand Island Light (AL)   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Gulf Shores, Alabama, United States

Location: West side of entrance to Mobile Bay; three miles south of Dauphin Island; Gulf of Mexico

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Photo: Richard Clayton
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Managing Organization:
Sand Island Lighthouse Preservation Group, Inc.

Telephone: 334-653-1995


Contact Address Information:
6148 Old Pascagoula Rd.
Alabama, 36582, United States

The 1859 tower was blown up by Confederate forces in 1863; a temporary wooden tower was erected in 1864. The lighthouse was devastated by a hurricane on September 27, 1906; Assistant Keeper Andrew Hansen, his wife and another keeper's wife were lost. The lighthouse was once on a 400-acre island but is now surrounded by water and riprap. The 1873 tower is considered the last great masonry lighthouse to be built on the Gulf Coast. The lighthouse is now owned by the town of Dauphin Island. Hurricane Ivan damaged the tower's foundation and brickwork in September 2004.

Tower Height: 131

Height of Focal Plane: 132

Description of Tower: Unpainted brownstone brick conical Gothic style tower with black cast iron lantern.

Listed on the Lighthouse Digest Doomsday List of endangered lighthouses.

This light is not operational

Other Buildings?
None; two story keeper's house was destroyed in 1906 hurricane.

Earlier Towers?
1838: 55-foot tower designed by Winslow Lewis (built for $8,899); 1859: brick tower (150'); 1864: temporary wooden tower.

Date Established: 1838

Date Present Tower Built: 1873 (activated 9/1/1873)

Date Deactivated: 1933

Date Automated: 1921?

Optics: 1838: 14 lamps with 16-inch reflectors; 1859: First order Fresnel lens; 1862-63: Fourth order Fresnel lens; 1873: Second order Fresnel lens, now at at the Fort Morgan Museum.

Current Use: Historic landmark.

Open To Public? No.

Sand Island Light is accessible by boat from Dauphin Island. Captain Jim Hall will take you out on his boat "Let It Be" -- call 251-861-4499. (See ) The lighthouse can also be seen at a distance of about three miles from the Fort Morgan State Historical Site.

Mapquest URL: Click here to get a map to this lighthouse!

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: John McCloud (1838-?), Andrew Hansen (assistant, ?-1906, died in service)

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