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Name: Blokzijl Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Blokzijl, , Netherlands

Location: Overijssel Province; near the head of Blokzijl's north pier in the Zuiderzee.

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Blokzijl was formerly a fishing village on the east side of the Zuiderzee (now known as the IJsselmeer), about a mile inland but linked to the sea by a narrow canal at the end of which were two piers. The lighthouse stood near the end of the north pier. In the 1920s and early 1930s, part of the Zuiderzee was reclaimed to be transformed into agricultural land. As a result, Blokzijl is now landlocked in the Noordostpolder, although it is linked to the IJsselmeer and to other areas of the polder by a system of canals. Little information is known about the history of the lighthouse, except that it was already in operation in 1860 and was still standing as late as around 1950. There are now reportedly plans to build a replica of the tower.

Tower Height: 24

Height of Focal Plane: 18

Description of Tower: Grey octagonal iron tower on piles.

This light is not operational

Date Present Tower Built: Replica built in 2008

Current Use: Destroyed.


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