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Wickie’s Wisdom

Take a Break

By Timothy Harrison


Today, while looking out my office window and seeing the fog roll in over the bay while hearing the sound of the fog horn in the distance, I thought about you, the many readers of Lighthouse Digest, and how much we have in common.

Like you, I love everything about lighthouses. I love to collect lighthouse models and other lighthouse collectibles, I enjoy wearing clothing with a lighthouse on it, I enjoy visiting lighthouses and I am thrilled every time I hear about another lighthouse in the process of being saved. But, probably like many of you, what I love the most is the amazing history that surrounds lighthouses; the stories and memories, all different, about the lighthouse keepers and the lighthouse families of yesteryear.

Today, with an upheaval in our nation’s economy and the other serious issues of our time, it’s almost scary to watch the news. Let’s face it, all this can weigh a person down, but only if you let it. We all know better days are sure to come. But, in the meantime, I know my interest in lighthouses can give me relief from the every day worries of life.

I can browse through back issues of Lighthouse Digest and read some of the stories over again; in fact if I go back far enough I find stories I had forgotten about. I can look at my collection of lighthouse replicas as I sit in my easy chair and thumb though a lighthouse picture book or read one of the more in-depth lighthouse books that I have. I call these times, my mini-vacation.

Whether reading the lighthouse stories, looking at the photos or admiring my collection, I am taken back to other times in history. Think about it. Since the first lighthouse was built, wars were fought to keep us and others free, countries have been created, while others are gone, and technology has advanced faster than we can keep up with it. And lighthouses, like a time capsule, have been there to witness it all; helping to preserve history for the future.

So when you need a break from today’s crazy zigzag world, sit down, relax, and take a mini-vacation by reading some back issues of Lighthouse Digest or browse through a few lighthouse books and let your mind drift off to perhaps another way of life; in the days of the lighthouse keeper. Or, image yourself sitting by a lighthouse as you hear the lapping of the waves, the sound of the gulls and enjoy the quiet peaceful strength of the lighthouse.

Timothy Harrison

Editor and Publisher

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