Wickie's Wisdom - Editorials

Wickie’s Wisdom, A Transitional Time for the Future

Navigating the Future: A Beacon of Hope for Lighthouse Digest

Jan/Feb 2024

Navigating the Future: A Beacon of Hope for Lighthouse Digest

Nov/Dec 2023

Still Looking to the Future

Sep/Oct 2023

The Old Wickie Feeling a Bit Wiser Today

Jul/Aug 2023

Our Storehouse of Knowledge is in Danger

Mar/Apr 2023

A Transitional Time for the Future

Nov/Dec 2022


May/Jun 2022

It’s Time for the Postal Service to Honor our Lightships

Mar/Apr 2022

Twenty Years Later – Remembering the Relighting after 9/11

Sep/Oct 2021

It’s Time for the Postal Service to Honor our Lightships

Jul/Aug 2021

Saving an Industry

May/Jun 2021

History Under Attack

Nov/Dec 2020

A Challenging Time

May/Jun 2020

Constant and Consistent

Mar/Apr 2020

We Need Your Help If We Don’t Do It, Who Will?

Nov/Dec 2019

Help save the photographic history of lighthouses!

Sep/Oct 2019

History Dishonored at Little River Lighthouse

Jul/Aug 2019

The Travesty Continues

Mar/Apr 2019

We Are at a Crossroads in Lighthouse History

Nov/Dec 2018

Lighthouse History Will It Be Saved or Lost Forever?

Sep/Oct 2018

Locked Out

Jan/Feb 2018

One Score and Five Years Ago

May/Jun 2017

Look At Their Faces and Into Their Eyes

Mar/Apr 2017

Lighthouse Memories - They’re Worth Saving

Jan/Feb 2017

A Diminished Country, But a Glimmer of Hope

Nov/Dec 2016

This Concerns Us

Sep/Oct 2016

You can do it!

Jul/Aug 2016

Working Today to Save Yesterday for Tomorrow

May/Jun 2016

Can the Apathy for Lighthouse History Be Reversed?

Jan/Feb 2016

The End Of An Era

Nov/Dec 2015

GoFundMe Site Launched for Lighthouse Keeper Tombstone Markers

Sep/Oct 2015

Who Owns It?

Jul/Aug 2015

Don’t Count on Someone Else to Do It – It’s Up to You

May/Jun 2015

One Step Away From Success Or One Step Away From Failure: An Urgent Appeal

Mar/Apr 2015

Thirty Beacons of Light

Jan/Feb 2015

Move It Or Lose It

Nov/Dec 2014

A National Disgrace

Sep/Oct 2014

Honoring 225 Years While Continuity Remains Elusive

Jul/Aug 2014

The Most Epic Anniversaries in United States Lighthouse History

May/Jun 2014

Lighthouses Edged Out Again, But, With Your Help, Hopefully Not For Long

Mar/Apr 2014

1789 - 2014 = 225

Jan/Feb 2014

From Stopping Cessation to Starting Commencement

Nov/Dec 2013

Butler Flats Lighthouse Auction: The Winds of Change

Sep/Oct 2013

Lens Issues Out of Control

Jul/Aug 2013

This Is Progress?

May/Jun 2013

The Lighthouse That Never Was – But Is

Mar/Apr 2013

The Times Are Changing!

Jan/Feb 2013

An Old Fashioned Christmas

Nov/Dec 2012

Just a Skid Mark – No Way!

Sep/Oct 2012

The National Lighthouse Day That Isn’t

Jul/Aug 2012


May/Jun 2012

Approaching Twenty Years

Mar/Apr 2012

Threatened Books

Jan/Feb 2012

The Dinosaur Is Alive

Nov/Dec 2011

Saving History

Sep/Oct 2011

National Lighthouse Day - It’s Time to Make It Official

Jul/Aug 2011

Collecting History

May/Jun 2011

Secondary Sources and a Lighthouse on the Edge

Mar/Apr 2011

Our New Year’s Resolution

Jan/Feb 2011

Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow - Can It Be Sustained?

December 2010

We’re All in This Together

November 2010

It’s A Strange, Strange World

October 2010

Battle of Borden Flats

August 2010

Coast Guard Plans to Seize Lens Is a Travesty

July 2010

Officials Want to Evict Curator And Disable Michigan’s White River Lighthouse

May 2010

Is $1.5 Million in Stimulus Money Too Much?

April 2010

Misguided Bureaucrats Reject Moving Middle Bay Lighthouse

March 2010

One for All & All for One!

December 2009

20 Years Plus 200 And Counting

August 2009

Make National Lighthouse Day A Reality

July 2009

Progress the Old Fashioned Way

June 2009

Take a Break

May 2009

New Owner for Fort Gratiot Lighthouse?

April 2009

Lighthouse History Hall of Fame

March 2009

Every Citizen and Every Lighthouse Group Must Now Step Forward

Jan/Feb 2009

Straitsmouth Light To Town

December 2008

An Honored Past, A Rich Present

November 2008

Could Straitsmouth Lighthouse Go To Wrong Group?

September 2008

Wickie's Wisdom

August 2008

The Importance of Lighthouse Digest

April 2008

Welcome 2008

Jan/Feb 2008

Shifting of the Gears

December 2007

A Time for Thanks

November 2007

The Money Trail

October 2007

Is It Time to Renew?

September 2007

Wickie’s Wisdom

August 2007

Postage Stamps

July 2007

The Time Is Now

June 2007

It's More Than Just Bricks and Mortar

May 2007

Saving Yesteryear for Tomorrow

April 2007

In Memoriam

March 2007

Denial of History

Jan/Feb 2007

Saving Lighthouse History – Can We Continue Doing It?

November 2006

Lack of Respect for Lighthouse Preservation

October 2006

St. Marks Lighthouse Transfer All Wrong

September 2006

It's Never Too Late To Say Thank You

July 2006

Lighthouse Vacations

June 2006

Think of Yourself as a “Connector to Tomorrow”

May 2006

Strength in Numbers

April 2006

Wickie's Wisdom

March 2006

Is the Lighthouse Auction System Right or Wrong? You Decide.

Jan/Feb 2006

Wickie's Wisdom

December 2005

Wickie's Wisdom

November 2005

Last Chance to Save Lighthouse History

October 2005

Will the Lighthouse Service Ever be Honored?

August 2005

It’s Time to Honor the Lighthouse Service

July 2005

Wickie's Wisdom

June 2005

A County Government Out of Control

May 2005

More Insanity at Currituck Lighthouse

April 2005

Wickie’s Wisdom

Jan/Feb 2005

Wickie’s Wisdom

December 2004


November 2004

Wickie's Wisdom

October 2004

Wickie’s Wisdom

Aug/Sep 2004

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