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Wickie’s Wisdom

Our New Year’s Resolution

By Timothy Harrison


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The Lost Cape Henlopen Lighthouse.

At this time of the year the newspapers, television, radio, magazines and Internet are filled with New Year’s resolutions that people are making and, of course, also those that were broken in previous years. Can you think of how many you’ve made over the years and how many of those that all too soon went by the wayside?

I can’t recall one time in the past 19 years that we, as a magazine, have made and published a New Year’s Resolution. But this year we will.

Our resolution is to do everything in our power to help promote public awareness of lighthouses. With God’s help and yours, we will do our best to work diligently in uncovering and reporting on forgotten and lost lighthouse history so that it might be reported in the pages of Lighthouse Digest to be saved and preserved for future generations. We also resolve to do our best, with the resources that we have, to help promote the various efforts being made by many lighthouse groups across the country and throughout the world.

Last month we asked you for your comments about whether or not we should go from the current 40 pages, published eleven months of the year, to 80 pages published every other month, which would actually give you more pages per year. So far, from the responses we have received, you have been nearly 100% supportive of this change. However, because of the busy holiday season, we want to wait for more people to respond. So, this issue, which is our standard January/February issue, remains at 40 pages.

If we are to be able to keep our New Year’s Resolution and sustain what we are doing, we need more subscribers. This is where you can help. One way is to tell others about us; there is power in communication. Another way is through gift subscriptions to Lighthouse Digest for friends and relatives, as well as schools and libraries. And, naturally, we still need help in obtaining advertisers, which is the backbone of every magazine. You might also consider becoming a Friend of Lighthouse Digest Magazine on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/LighthouseDigest. Your comments there can help us immensely in obtaining new supporters.

We would also hope that you will resolve this year, along with your other notable New Year’s Resolutions, to make a resolution to get involved with the lighthouse group of your choice, whether it be through donations or volunteering your time. Most lighthouse groups around the nation are struggling and need all the help and support they can get.

As part of our New Year’s Resolution, and in our effort to draw public attention to lighthouses, in this issue we have published an updated Doomsday List of America’s Most Endangered Lighthouses, while also providing you with a synopsis on lighthouses that were removed from the list, some because they were saved and, sadly, others which were lost. Plus, as we always do, we continue to rediscover and report about lighthouse history through stories and rare photographs that otherwise might have been forgotten, and lost in the pages of time while also informing you of current events of which you might not otherwise have been aware.

Let this coming year be better than all others. And while all of us are helping to save lighthouses and the history associated with them, remember those around you. To quote our long time friend, Bob Shanklin, of Bob and Sandra Shanklin, The Lighthouse People, “Give someone a hug every day; you’ll love the results.”

Keeping the light on for the New Year.

I remain, respectfully yours,

Timothy Harrison

Editor & Publisher

Lighthouse Digest

P.O. Box 250

East Machias, ME 04630


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