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Wickie’s Wisdom

One for All & All for One!

By Timothy Harrison


As is evident in this issue of Lighthouse Digest, old lighthouse history continues to be rediscovered, while today’s lighthouse news becomes tomorrow’s lighthouse history.

We are proud of the fact that in this issue there are again a number of stories with photographs that have never been published before, such as the images of the keepers and family members of the lost Squaw Point Lighthouse and two of the men who served as lighthouse keepers at the lost North Manitou Island Lighthouse.

There are also stories of current lighthouse events, with photographs, that, as time marches on, will be historic images and stories for future generations to study and learn from. This is even more important in today’s world as history books are no longer including what we believe are important facts and photographs of those who came before us and left us a legacy that needs to be remembered and saved.

Generally, we can’t just go to a file cabinet or historical society to write these stories, and pull out these photographs. Sometimes it take years of research, sometimes we just stumble upon it by accident, and other times, people discover us by accident. Fortunately, everyone is willing to share with us what they have, realizing that Lighthouse Digest can enhance what we already have, to tell a more complete story about a lighthouse’s history, which will then be saved for future generations, as well as enjoyed today by others.

The only way we can continue to do what we have been doing for so many years, is by reaching more people through the pages of Lighthouse Digest. We know there are thousands of people who love lighthouses and history who are not even aware of Lighthouse Digest. There are also people, whom we believe, when they start reading about lighthouses, will want to learn more and perhaps become involved with a lighthouse group. Additionally, there are many school, community and college libraries that do not receive Lighthouse Digest, which means we are not reaching enough young people. That’s where we need your help.

You can easily help us in making a difference by recommending Lighthouse Digest to others. Another way to help is by ordering a gift subscription for friends, family members or a library. The holidays are a perfect time for gift subscriptions. Lighthouse Digest is a gift that keeps on giving, all year long.

Thanks for believing in and supporting our efforts and best wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas.

This story appeared in the December 2009 edition of Lighthouse Digest Magazine. The print edition contains more stories than our internet edition, and each story generally contains more photographs - often many more - in the print edition. For subscription information about the print edition, click here.

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