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Wickie’s Wisdom

Working Today to Save Yesterday for Tomorrow

By Timothy Harrison


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This United States lighthouse keeper was an avid ...

Lighthouse Digest has again uncovered an amazing treasure trove of never before published photographs of life at a number of lighthouses that will, for the most part, be published in future editions of the magazine. These photographs and memories were discovered through hard work in tracking down the amazing photos, all of which was extremely time-consuming, as well as to some extent extremely costly.

All of these photos need to be properly archived, thoroughly researched, and then the facts need to be compiled into stories for the magazine so that they can be seen by thousands of people today and then properly saved for future generations.

This is not something that is totally new at Lighthouse Digest. For the past 24 years we’ve been uncovering, documenting, and publishing the stories of lighthouses and the people who kept them. In some cases we have uncovered additional photos and memories of even the most well-known and written about lighthouse keepers, thereby enhancing the history of these people and the lighthouses where they served.

And, after 24 years, we still have barely touched the tip of the iceberg. We truly believe there is much more lost and forgotten history yet to be rediscovered and published, much for the first time ever. However, there are those who seem to think that they can learn all they need to learn about lighthouses from social media, which is a real shame – and without merit.

Additionally, current lighthouse news that is happening today also needs to be documented and reported on, and those photos and stories must also be saved for future generations, because today’s news is also tomorrow’s history.

In order for us to continue in these efforts, we need to attract new subscribers to the magazine, all while hoping that our current subscribers renew their subscriptions. To put it plain and simple – without paid subscriptions we cannot continue these efforts. Lighthouse Digest is the only lighthouse magazine – no one else is telling the full story about everything related to lighthouses.

So, when it is time to renew your subscription, please do so early, which helps us keep the cost down in sending out renewal reminders. And, once again, we would appeal to you to order gift subscriptions for friends, loved ones, schools, and others. There is strength in the number of subscribers, and that’s how Lighthouse Digest, with your help, can continue to save lighthouse history: one subscription at a time.

Timothy Harrison

Editor & Publisher

Lighthouse Digest

P.O. Box 250

East Machias, ME 04630


This story appeared in the May/Jun 2016 edition of Lighthouse Digest Magazine. The print edition contains more stories than our internet edition, and each story generally contains more photographs - often many more - in the print edition. For subscription information about the print edition, click here.

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