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Wickie’s Wisdom

This Concerns Us

By Timothy Harrison


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Every single day lighthouse photographs taken by hundreds of different people are posted on social media sites. Many of these photographs, some even posted by us, get lots of comments from many people, who in turn share those photos with hundreds of others. But when Lighthouse Digest makes a post showing a recently discovered and often previously unknown photograph of a lighthouse keeper, the comments are few and far between. This concerns us.

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Over the years hundreds of stories have been published about popular lighthouses as well as about many of the well-known lighthouse keepers. Many of these have been written about over and over with no real concerned effort by hardly anyone else to track down and locate the photographs of the rest of the lighthouse keepers and the memories and stories associated with them. This concerns us.

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Over the past couple of years Lighthouse Digest has literally located thousands and thousands of old photographs of lighthouses and the people who lived at the lighthouses that have rarely been seen or read about outside of the private collections where they were held. This major effort on our part has been expensive and time consuming and the cost associated with this is ever-increasing. This concerns us.

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These photographs and memories need to be published and saved for future generations so they are not lost forever. But, as the older generations of subscribers to Lighthouse Digest, who were very supportive of our efforts, are passing on, we have not been able to replace those subscribers with the younger generations, who are apparently more interested in just about anything other than history, or if they are, expect us to do this for free and provide it to them for free on social media. This concerns us.

Although our world is rapidly changing in so many different ways we must not allow our lighthouse history slip away and be lost forever. This is because lighthouse history ties into all history. This is a fact and cannot legitimately be disputed. Once we lose our history, all will be lost. This concerns us.

Lighthouses were built for one purpose only to save lives, now it’s our turn to save lighthouse history.

If you believe that we are doing the right thing in trying to document and save these old photographs and then publish them along with the stories and memories associated with them, please support our efforts by telling others about Lighthouse Digest or purchasing gift subscriptions for others. Each and every day more slices of lighthouse history are disappearing and some is actually being thrown out, thereby being lost forever. Time is running out. This greatly concerns us. We need your help.

To order gift subscriptions or renew your subscription to Lighthouse Digest, please go to www.LighthouseDigest.com or call us at 207-259-2121.

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