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Wickie’s Wisdom

The Dinosaur Is Alive

By Timothy Harrison


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Block Island Southeast Light, Rhode Island.

With the advent of the Internet, twenty-four hour news, social media networks, the decline of many newspapers and the problems of the Postal Service, the naysayers all seemed to think that the old way of publishing anything on paper was fast going the way of the dinosaur and would soon become extinct.

In realizing that anybody can write anything they wanted to, true or not, right or wrong, and post it on the Internet, many people have begun to realize that it is difficult to work through the maze of information posted on-line. Because this is especially evident when it comes to finding informative and entertaining articles of which people would not otherwise have been aware, interestingly, the magazine industry is witnessing a rebirth.

Although it is true that every type of print media was, and still is, suffering from the down-turn in the economy, which has caused a severe drop in advertising revenues, many magazines, such as Lighthouse Digest, have seen a resurgence in subscribers, which has made the difference between becoming extinct or surviving. But, why? The answer is simple.

Lighthouse Digest, akin to an actual lighthouse, is like a dinosaur. It is impressive and compelling; people are thrilled to see it. This is obvious from the many emails and letters we receive shortly after each edition is mailed and received by our subscribers. Just like a dinosaur, Lighthouse Digest gains the reader’s attention almost from the minute someone sees it. Let’s face it - it’s hard to beat the old-fashioned “real” printed magazine in your hands, especially as you sit down and turn the pages, read the stories, and see the photos. Plus, every member of the family can do the same thing, anytime, at their own leisure.

Here at Lighthouse Digest we strive to make each issue uniquely different, with a wide variety of stories, while maintaining the continuity of regular features that all strive toward our mission of researching, documenting, and saving forgotten history, as well as reporting on modern day lighthouse happenings, which themselves will soon be history. In doing so, these stories will then be there for use by those who carry on after us.

Some said that lighthouses, like the dinosaur, would become extinct. But they were wrong. Many of these old “dinosaurs” have been saved and will never be extinct. The same is true of the stories reported on in the pages of Lighthouse Digest that now can never become extinct. And, just as with the dinosaur, they are all unique and often imposing.

For this holiday season, please think of the magnificent dinosaur and consider Lighthouse Digest for your gift giving. Your friends, relatives, neighbors, and yes, even libraries, will be delighted to see Lighthouse Digest arrive in the mail, and they will remember you as they receive and read each and every issue.

Plus, you’ll be helping us to save and preserve lighthouses and their history for the next generation, all while teaching the current generation. After all, everyone loves lighthouses!

Our loyal subscribers have made it all possible and for that, all of us at Lighthouse Digest thank you for your continued support. We send our best wishes to you and yours during this wonderful and joyous time of the year.

This story appeared in the Nov/Dec 2011 edition of Lighthouse Digest Magazine. The print edition contains more stories than our internet edition, and each story generally contains more photographs - often many more - in the print edition. For subscription information about the print edition, click here.

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