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Name: Seguin Island Light  

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Also known as: Seguin Light

Nearest Town or City:
Popham Beach, Maine, United States

Location: Near the mouth of the Kennebec River.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
Friends of Seguin Island

Telephone: 207-443-4808


Contact Address Information:
Box 866
Maine, 04530, United States

The first order Fresnel lens in Seguin Island Light is the only operational first order lens north of Rhode Island. The lighthouse is the highest above sea level of any Maine lighthouse.

Tower Height: 53

Height of Focal Plane: 180

Characteristic and Range: Fixed white.

Description of Tower: White cylindrical granite tower with black cast iron lantern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1857 1.5 story brick duplex keeper's house, 1889 brick fog signal building, 1892 brick oil house, wood boathouse, 755-foot tramway.

Earlier Towers?
1795: wooden tower; 1819: stone tower.

Date Established: 1795

Date Present Tower Built: 1857

Date Automated: 1985

Optics: c. 1840: 15 lamps and reflectors; 1843: 24 lamps and reflectors; 1857: First order Fresnel lens (still in use).

Fog Signal: c. 1840: Fog bell; 1852: New fog bell; 1870: Steam driven fog whistle, later diaphone horn.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation, museum.

Open To Public? Yes.

There is a museum in part of the keeper's house with pictures and exhibits on the history of the light station. The museum is free to visitors; donations are welcomed.

The best mainland view is from Popham Beach. From US Route 1 in Bath, take ME 209 south to Phippsburg and follow the signs to Popham Beach State Park (about 14 miles). Historic Fort Popham is two miles further south on ME 209. There is a fairly distant view of Seguin Island Light and Pond Island Light from Popham Beach. There is a small day use fee at Popham Beach State Park. Long Reach Cruises in Bath ( offers charter and scheduled cruises that both view Seguin Island and land on the island to explore ashore. Call 888-538-6786 for more information. Contact the Friends of Seguin Island or visit their website for other options.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: John Polereszky (1796-1802); Christopher Pushard (assistant, 1796-1802); John Hollaway (assistant? c.1800); Moses Haskell (1802-1822); Jonathan Delano (1822-1825); Spencer Delano (assistant? c.1820); John Salters (1825-1839); Nathaniel Springer Todd (1839-1849); James Marston (1849-1853); A. E. Osgood (1853-1857); Boyd L. Miles (assistant, 1855); Joseph King (assistant, 1855); Stephen Marston Jr. (1857); Daniel Dodge (1857); John C. Lowell (1857-1859); Granville Lowell (1859-1861); Tallman B. Lowell (assistant, 1859-1860); William M. Knight (1860-1861); Zina H. Spinney (1861-1866); P. O. Spinney (assistant, 1861-1865); David Spinney 2nd (assistant, 1861-1863); David Spinney (assistant, 1863-1865); Rachel Spinney (assistant, 1865-1866); William S. Oliver (assistant, 1865-1866); Francis L. Morrill (1866-1868); William C. Marr (assistant, 1866); Ephraim S. Marr (assistant, 1866 and 1874-1875); Henry E. Morrill (1866-1867); Charles S. Morrill (assistant, 1866-1867); Jane Morrill (assistant, 1867-1869); Arthur Hutchins (assistant, 1867-1869); Samuel (Lemuel?) G. Crane (1867-1875); O. B. Crane (assistant, 1868-1871); J. B. Crane (assistant, 1868-1974); Louisa N. Lane (Crane?) (assistant, 1871-1872); Turner Jewett (assistant, 1872); Elisha B. Crane (assistant, 1874-1875); Thomas Day (1875-1886); Thomas Bibber (assistant, 1876-1880); Willis E. Chase (assistant, 1875); Henry Wiley (assistant, 1881-1882); Samuel Cavanor (assistant, 1882); Fernando Wallace (assistant, 1882-1886); Edwin M. Wyman (assistant, 1886-1889); Henry Day (1886-1890); Henry M. Clark (assistant, 1887); William H. Wyman (assistant, 1888-1889); Jesse Pierce (assistant, 1889); Merritt P. Pinkham (assistant 1889-1890, head keeper 1890-1898); Parker O. Healey (assistant, 1890-1893); William A. Stetson (assistant 1898); Fred Hodgkins (assistant, 1903); George A. Lewis (1898-1903 and 1907-1912); Herbert L. Spinney (assistant 1893-1898, head keeper 1903-1907); Walter S. Adams (assistant, 1907-1908); Clifford B. Staples (assistant, 1908-1912); Henry M. Cuskley (1912-1915); Maurice M. Weaver (1915-1922); Arthur Marston (assistant? 1921-1923); Vinal O. Beal,(1st assistant 1921-1924); Napoleon B. Fickett (1922-1926); Elson L. Small (1926-1930); Frank E. Bracey (assistant 1926-1930, head keeper 1930-1931); Millard H. Urquhart (assistant 1928-1931, head keeper 1931-1938); Jasper L. Cheney (assistant, 1930-1931); Joseph M. Conners (assistant, 1931-1936); Donald E. Robbins, assistant (1930-1932); Clinton L. Dalzell (assistant, 1932-1933); Floyd E. Singer (assistant, 1932-1933); Truman L. Lathrop (assistant, 1933-1934); Benjamin Stockbridge (assistant, 1934); Ernest F. Witty (assistant, 1935); George A. McKenney (assistant, 1935-1936); Clarence Skolfield (assistant, 1936-1944; Coast Guard head keeper 1944-1946); Arthur G. Hill (assistant, 1936-1938); Maxwell A. DeShon (assistant, 1938-1941); Alton S, Chaney (Coast Guard, 1939-1944); Herbert Mitchell (Coast Guard assistant, 1940-1944); Archie McLaughlin (Coast Guard assistant, 1944-1945); Robert J. Werner (Coast Guard assistant, 1944-1945); Irving Dobbins (Coast Guard assistant, 1944); Alonzo Morong (Coast Guard, 1946-1950); Clyde T. Whittaker (Coast Guard,1948-1951); Edgar M. Wallace (Coast Guard,1949-1950); Daniel Irvine (Coast Guard assistant, 1949-1950); ? Bardsley (c. 1950); David Morrison (c. 1950-?); Harvey Lamson (Coast Guard,1951-1952); Harry L. Cressy (Coast Guard assistant,1949-1952, officer in charge 1952-1954); Horace Smith (Coast Guard assistant, 1953); Douglas Cameron (Coast Guard assistant, 1953); Francis Manzie (Coast Guard assistant, c. 1954); Mac McKinley (Coast Guard, c. 1955); Charles A. Hart Jr. (Coast Guard assistant, 1955); George F. Barnes (Coast Guard assistant, c, 1956);Marshall Weatherall (Coast Guard assistant, c. 1956); ? Farrington (Coast Guard, c. 1958); John Johnston (Coast Guard assistant, c. 1959); James R. Wilson (Coast Guard,1961); Kenneth J. Dukes (Coast Guard assistant, c. 1962); George F. Johns (Coast Guard assistant, c. 1963); William B. O'Neill (Coast Guard assistant, c. 1963); Timothy Flaherty (Coast Guard assistant, c. 1963); Henry LeBlanc (Coast Guard,1963); Fred Kahrl (Coast Guard,1966-1967); Robert Bly (Coast Guard,1966-1967); Elwynne Kenny (Coast Guard,1966-1967); Robert Grindall (Coast Guard assistant, c. 1966-1968); Hank Lipian (Coast Guard, 1976); Oreta Bridgeman (Coast Guard assistant, 1976); Edward T. Brown (Coast Guard,1983-1985); Lamar Alexander (Coast Guard assistant, 1986).


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