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Name: West Quoddy Head Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Lubec, Maine, United States

Location: Easternmost point of the U.S. mainland, Bay of Fundy.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
West Quoddy Head Light Keepers' Association

Telephone: 207-733-2180


Contact Address Information:
973 South Lubec Road
Maine, 04652, United States

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse went to the State of Maine under the Maine Lights Program in 1998. The lighthouse is part of Quoddy Head State Park. The West Quoddy Head Light Keepers Association has established a visitors center in the former keeper's house.

Tower Height: 49

Height of Focal Plane: 83

Characteristic and Range: Two white flashes every 15 seconds.

Description of Tower: Conical brick tower with black and red cast iron lantern; tower is painted with red and white stripes.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1858 1.5 story wood frame Victorian keeper's house, 1887 brick fog signal building, 1892 oil house, 1899 a renovation of the keepers’ house created a duplex.

Earlier Towers?
1808 wood tower; 1831 rubble-stone tower; 1857-58 current tower built

Date Established: 1808

Date Present Tower Built: 1858

Date Automated: 1988

Optics: 1858: Third order Fresnel lens (still in use).

Fog Signal: Originally had a fog cannon; 1820: Fog bell (various bells used 1820-1869); 1869: Daboll fog trumpet; now automated horn with two blasts every 30 seconds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation in state park.

Open To Public? Grounds and visitors center only.

There is a visitors center with exhibits in the former keeper's house, open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Memorial Day weekend through mid-October.

From ME 189 east, take a right onto South Lubec Road, marked with a "Quoddy Head State Park" sign. Follow for about 4.5 miles to the end. Parking for Quoddy Head State park is free; there is a donation box for upkeep of the park. Trails lead from the parking area to the lighthouse and along the bluffs for scenic views.

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Thomas Dexter (1808-1813); Peter Godfrey (1813-1839); Alfred Godfrey (1839-1842); Ebenezer Wormell (c. 1840s-50s); William Coggins (?-1856); David Joy (assistant, c. 1850s); Loring Leavitt (assistant, 1861-1867); Albert H. Godfrey (assistant, 1857-1861); William Godfrey (1856-1860); Loring A. Leavitt (assistant, 1861-1867); Richard Richardson (1860-1861); George A. Case (1861-1877); Lowell Case (assistant, 1867-1878); Daniel Thayer (1877-1879); Joseph Huckins (assistant, 1878-1880); Henry M. Godfrey (1879-1882); Garrison Crowell (assistant, 1880-1882); William Fanning (1882-1886); Walter B. Mowry (assistant, 1882-1886); Alvin Eldrige (assistant, 1886-1887); John Connors (1886-1890); Henry M. Godfrey (assistant, 1887-1889); George W. Sabin (assistant, 1889-1890); John W. Guptill (1890-1899); Irwin Young (1890-1893); Edward L. Horn (assistant, 1893-1895); Edwin L. Eaton (assistant, 1895-1900); Fred M. Robbins (assistant, 1900-1901); Warren A. Murch (1899-1905); Herbert Robinson (assistant, 1905-1907); Eugene C. Ingalls (assistant, 1907-1912); Leo Allen (assistant, 1912-?); Ephraim N. Johnson (assistant 1901-1905, principal keeper 1905-1931); Ralph Temple Crowley (assistant? c.?1915?); Arthur Robie Marston (assistant, c. 1920s); Eugene N. Larrabee (c. 1935); Nelson Geel (?); Frank Mitchell (?); Almon Mitchell (?); Hoyt Cheney (asst., c. 1950); Howard "Bob" Gray (1934-1952); Alex Sneddon (Coast Guard, c. 1952); Don Ashby (Coast Guard, c. 1953); Robert W. Brooks (Coast Guard Fireman First Class, c. early 1950s); Pat Stevens Bradisport (Summer 1956 Officer in Charge, Coast Guard); Paul Kessler (Coast Guard EN1, 1954-1956); Russell Reilly (Coast Guard, c. 1960-1961); Dave Hardman (Coast Guard EN2, c. 1960-1961); Howard Johnson (Coast Guard SN, 1960-1961); John W. Willmott (1959-1961, Coast Guard assistant/engineer); Stephen H. Rogers (December 1963, Coast Guard); Bruce Keene (1962-1964, Coast Guard); John Wiley Grandey II (Coast Guard, 1963-1964); Richard Copeland (1965, Coast Guard); Thomas Keene (1967, Coast Guard); Clayton Leland Coffin (Coast Guard 1966-1968); Richard "Gary" Craig (Coast Guard, 1968-1969); David Melochick (Coast Guard 1970-1971); Clifton Scofield (1974-1978, Coast Guard); Robert Marston (1975, Coast Guard); Paul Latour (Coast Guard, 1980); George Eaton (1978-1982, Coast Guard); Owen Gould (1982-1984, Coast Guard); John Richardson (1984-1988, Coast Guard); Malcolm Rouse (Coast Guard, 1986-1988).

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