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Name: Wood Island Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Biddeford Pool, Maine, United States

Location: Mouth of the Saco River.

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Photo: Timothy Harrison
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Managing Organization:
American Lighthouse Foundation (Friends of Wood Island Lighthouse Chapter)


Contact Address Information:
P. O. Box 26
Biddeford Pool
Maine, 04006, United States

In 1972 Wood Island Light's lantern was removed and a rotating aerobeacon was installed. A lantern was returned and a smaller optic was installed in 1986. The lighthouse and dwelling are now licensed to the American Lighthouse Foundation (ALF). A chapter of ALF, the Friends of Wood Island Lighthouse, is working for the restoration and preservation of the buildings.

Tower Height: 47

Height of Focal Plane: 71

Characteristic and Range: Alternating white and green flashes every 10 seconds.

Description of Tower: Conical white stone tower with black cast iron lantern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1857 two story wood keeper's house, 1903 oil house, storage building.

Earlier Towers?
1808: 45-foot octagonal pyramidal wooden tower. 1839: 45-foot conical granite tower.

Date Established: 1808

Date Present Tower Built: 1858

Date Automated: 1986

Optics: 1858: Fourth order Fresnel lens; 1972: rotating aerobeacon; now VRB-25.

Fog Signal: Fog bell in pyramidal tower (bell is now on display at Vine's Landing in Biddeford Pool); now automated horn with two blasts every 30 seconds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

North or south on ME 9: Turn onto ME 208 (Bridge Road). At a T-intersection turn left. Continue through Biddeford. Just before the road turns right into Ocean Avenue, there is a closed vehicular gate on the left. Off-road parking is permitted near the gate. Walk through the pedestrian entry to a path. The path leads to the shore; the lighthouse can be seen after a 0.3 mile walk, some of which is slightly uphill and rocky. Bring your binoculars; the view is fairly distant.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Benjamin Cole (1808-1809); Philip Goldthwaite (1809-1832); Tristam Goldthwaite (1832-1833); Abraham Norwood (1833-1841); John Adams (1841-1949); Stephen D. Batchelder (1849-?); Nathaniel Varrell (185?); L.F. Varrell (185?); Joseph R. Bryant (1854-1861?) ; Ebenezer Emerson (1861-1865); Edwin Tarbox (1865-1872); Albert Norwood (1872-1886); Thomas Henry Orcutt (1886-1905); Charles A. Burke (1905-1914); C.B. Staples (1914-1917); W. F. Lurvey (1917-1923); Albert Staples (1923-1926); George Woodward (1927-1934); Earle Benson (Lighthouse Service 1934-1939, Coast Guard 1939-1942) U.S. COAST GUARD: EN3 Edward G. Frank (1952-1956); BM2 Forrest S. Cheney (1952); BM3 Edwin R. Duquette (1952); SN R. M. Sawtelle (1952-1954); John Rogers (Rodgers?) (c. 1948); BM2 Gerald E. Ryan (1957); EN3 David G. Crider (1957); EN3 Harrison E. Parker (1957); BM3 David A Katon (1957-1959); FN Bruce A. Creswell (1958); SN Richard M. Gramlich (1958); SN Constantine H. Szczechowicz (1958, 1961); EN2 Laurier Burnham (1959-1963); Edward J. Conner (1959); SN Spencer N. Graham (1959-1960); BM1 Lee Merrick (1960); Raymond E. Bill, Sr. (1961); ENS Bryon H. Stauffer (1961); BM1 James E. Murray (1961); SA Alan L. George (1961-1962); Wasil W. Johnson (1962); BM3 Frank D. Harmon (1962); SN Martin P. Hass (1962); BM1 Jack B. Netherwood (1962-1963); Roger O. Shaw (1962-1963); EN2 David Winchester (1963-1964); SNCS James Willis (1963-1964); SN Clifton M. Wood (1963-1964); EN2 David P. Bichrest (1964-1967); George Tevis (sp?) (1965); Perley or Peiley Aprague (1965, 1968); John P. Reidy (1966); BM3 A.J. Savageau (sp?) (1967-1968); BM2 Ronald A. Handfield (1968); EN2 James J. Roche (1968-1969); Clifford Trebilcock (1970-1972); Andrew Preneau (1972); Jerry Murray (1973-1976); Michael McQuade (1976-1979); Russ Lowell (1979-1982); Phillip Brothwell (1983-1985); Merton Perry (1986); Warren Rowell (1986).

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