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Name: Deer Island Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Winthrop, Massachusetts, United States

Location: Just south of Deer Island, Boston Harbor.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont

Managing Organization:
U.S. Coast Guard

After it was automated, the original (1890) lighthouse fell into disrepair. It was dismantled by the Coast Guard in 1982 and replaced by a fiberglass tower on the original foundation.

Height of Focal Plane: 51

Characteristic and Range: Alternating red and white flash every 10 seconds, with red sector. White is visible for 14 nautical miles; red is visible for 10 nautical miles.

Description of Tower: Brown cylindrical fiberglass tower on cast iron and concrete caisson.

This light is operational

Earlier Towers?
1890: Brown cast iron

Date Established: 1890

Date Present Tower Built: 1983

Date Automated: c. 1960s

Optics: 1890: Fourth order Fresnel lens; now automated plastic optic.

Fog Signal: Originally fog bell; now automated horn with one blast every 10 seconds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

Deer Island Light can be seen from many cruises leaving Boston Harbor. For information call the Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands at (781) 740-4290, Boston Harbor Cruises at (617) 227-4321, or Massachusetts Bay Lines at (617) 542-8000.

Keepers: John Farley (1890); Michael J. Curran (assistant 1890); Ethan Allen (1890-1891); Everett F. Boyd (assistant 1890-1891, head keeper 1891-1892); Nathaniel F. Hooper (assistant 1891); Samuel Liscom (assistant 1891-1892, head keeper 1892-1893) Herbert N. Ranlett (assistant 1892); Alfred Williams (assistant 1892 and 1895); Wesley A. Pingree (assistant 1893-1894, head keeper 1895-1899); William Jamieson (assistant 1896-1899); Frank E. Lowe (assistant 1899-1900); George W. Jaques (1899); Michael Campbell (1899-1900); Howard Parker (1900-1906); George W. Bailey (assistant, 1900-1901); William C. Daggett (assistant, 1901); Reuben D. Weatherbee (assistant, 1901-1902); Frederick W. Freeman (assistant 1902-1905); Murdock Ross Trevoy (assistant 1905-1906); Charles Jordon (1906-1911?); George M. Reamy (assistant, 1906-1907); Charles B. Hill (assistant, 1907); Robert J. Sweeney (assistant 1907-1908); W. F. Morris (assistant 1908-?); Joseph McCabe (assistant 1908-1916, died in service); Elliott C. Hadley (1919-1922); Judson Small (c. 1920s); Tom Small (1931-?); Edmond Louis Arruda (c. early 1940s); Fred Bohm (c. 1940s); Paul Baptiste (Coast Guard, 1952);

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