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Name: Dumpling Rock Light  

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Also known as: Dumpling Rocks Light

Nearest Town or City:
Dartmouth, Massachusetts, United States

Location: Dartmouth Harbor, Buzzards Bay.

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The second (1890) lighthouse was badly damaged in the Hurricane of 1938. The remains of the buildings were removed in 1940 and a steel skeleton tower was erected.

Height of Focal Plane: 52

Characteristic and Range: Flashing green every six seconds.

Description of Tower: Steel skeleton tower.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?

Earlier Towers?
1828: Two story house with lantern on roof; 1890: Square wooden tower attached to keeper's house (removed 1940).

Date Established: 1828

Date Present Tower Built: c. 1940

Date Automated: c. 1940

Optics: 1890: Fourth order Fresnel lens.

Fog Signal: C. mid-19th century: fog bell and striking machinery in fog bell tower; c. 1947: air diaphragm horn.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

The skeleton tower is best seen by boat.

Keepers: Levi Smith (1828-1856); C. C. Smith (1856-1873); Thomas Allen (assistant 1867-1870); George Sistare (assistant 1870-1873, keeper 1873-1883); Frank W. Thomas (1883-1884); Charles H. Hinckley (1884-1892); William H. Doane (1892-1896); Maynard F. Rush (1896-1908); George V. C. Bacon (1st assistant, 1900); Ernest R. Sylvester (1st assistant 1900-1903); Percy S. Williams (1st assistant 1903-?); Samuel F. Dunton (1st assistant, then keeper 1904-1908); Vivian A. Currier (1st assistant 1904); Jonathan Loving (?) (1st assistant 1904-1905); Edward E. Brewer (assistant, then keeper 1911-?); E. H. Snell (1908-1911); Howard A. Haggett (?) (1st assistant 1909); George Brightman (1st assistant 1909); F. W. Field (1st assistant 1909); John Lopes (assistant 1909); William E. Wheeler (assistant c. 1909); Frank W. Craig (c. early 1900s); Pierre Albert Nadeau (assistant, c. 1919-192?); Frederick A. C. Bohm (assistant, 1926-1927); John E. Rogers (1927-?); Albert W. Bartow (?); George T. Gustavus (c. 1933-1936); J. J. Collins (1936); Octave Ponsart (1937-1942); Henry Fontineau, assistant (c. 1936-1940).

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