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Name: Sakonnet Light  

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Also known as: Sakonnet Point Light

Nearest Town or City:
Little Compton, Rhode Island, United States

Location: Little Cormorant Rock, mouth of the Sakonnet River.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
Friends of Sakonnet Lighthouse, Inc.

Contact Address Information:
P.O. Box 154
Little Compton
Rhode Island, 02837, United States

The hurricanes of 1938 and 1954 badly damaged Sakonnet Light, and it was discontinued in 1954. Carl Haffenreffer bought the lighthouse at auction for $1,300 in 1961. In 1985, the lighthouse was donated to the Friends of Sakonnet Lighthouse, Inc. The group renovated the structure and it was relighted as an aid to navigation in 1997. Further restoration is planned.

Tower Height: 66

Height of Focal Plane: 70

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every six seconds with red sector (red from 195° to 350°)

Description of Tower: White conical cast iron

This light is operational

Date Established: 1884

Date Present Tower Built: 1884 (11/1/1884)

Date Deactivated: 1955-1997

Date Automated: 1997

Optics: 1884: Fourth order Fresnel lens; now modern solar powered optic. A portion of the Fresnel lens is now at the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, Maine.

Fog Signal: 1939: Air diaphragm horn.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

South on RI 77 in Tiverton: take RI 77 to its terminus near the beach in Little Compton. On the left, just before the beach parking area (free), walk down a narrow paved lane to a walled beach overlook. In summer, the beach is open to residents only, but you can see the lighthouse from the overlook, about 0.6 mile away. It can also be seen from the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge in Middletown, Rhode Island. See for directions. Follow the trail to the east for the view of the lighthouse.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Clarence Otis Gray (1884-1891); Lucius E. Chadwick, (assistant ?, c. 1884); Benjah W. Gray (1st assistant, 1884-1886); Charles S. Curtis (1st assistant, 1886-1887); Edward L. Hunt (1st assistant, 1887-1890); Thomas S. Fishburne (1st assistant, 1890-1891; keeper 1891-1894); Theodore E. Smith (1st assistant, 1891); Charles F. Fishburne (1st assistant, 1891-1894, keeper 1894-1901); William S. Harris (1st assistant, 1894); Allen Judson (1st assistant, 1894-1895); C. F. Nickerson (1st assistant, 1895-1896); Frederick J. Gray (1st assistant, 1895-1896); Albert E. Litteck (1st assistant, 1896-1897); G. W. Fishburne (1st assistant, 1897); Marten Thompson (1st assistant, 1897-1898); Joseph J. Fuller (1st assistant, 1898-1899); George W. Ready (1st assistant, 1899-1900); Thomas M. Nelson (1st assistant, 1900-1901); Richard Curran (1901-1903); Nils Nelson (1st assistant, 1901-1903, keeper 1903-1908); Wilton S. Arnold (1st assistant, 1901-1902); Sterling C. Gillett (Gillette ?) (1st assistant, 1903-1904); Charles C. Poiffer (Peiffer ?) (1st assistant, 1904); Joseph Meyer (1st assistant, 1904-1905); George C. Tucker (1st assistant, 1905-1906); William H. Howard (1st assistant 1906); Philip Roberg (1st assistant, 1908); Thomas Lawton (1907-1910); William N. Noland (1st assistant, 1908); Wilford B. Petty (1st assistant, 1908-1910); Walter O. Smiley (1st assistant, 1910-1912); William B. Manchester (1910-1916); Norman McFadden (1st assistant, 1912-1914); John B. Brown (1st assistant, 1914-1916, keeper 1916-1918); William J. Doyle (1st assistant, 1916-1919); Leonard Fuller (1918-1919); John J. Morrissey (1st assistant, 1919-1921); Peter H. Carr (1919-1921); William H. Durfee (1921-1941); Michael F. Harrington (1st assistant, 1921-1923); Wilfred A. Tensdale (2nd assistant, 1921-1923); Andrew Zuius (1st assistant, 1923-1925); Gilford H. Griffith (2nd assistant, 1923-1925); James Smith (1st assistant, 1925-1927); Eugene Corbett (2nd assistant, 1925-1927); Thurman I. Durfee (1st assistant, 1927-1931); Joseph Dubois (2nd assistant, 1927-1929); John Gonze (2nd assistant, 1927-1937); Samuel L. Fuller (1st assistant, 1931-1939); Ralph L. Sellers (2nd assistant, 1937-1939); Joseph O. Bouley (1st assistant, 1939-1941); Joseph Gomes (2nd assistant, 1939-1941)


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