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Name: Pass Manchac Light  

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Also known as: Manchac Light

Nearest Town or City:
Ponchatoula, Louisiana, United States

Location: Pass Manchac, between Lakes Maurepas and Ponchartrain.

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Managing Organization:
Lake Maurepas Society

Telephone: 504-542-6266


The foundation of this abandoned tower has been eroding away and the lighthouse has developed a list to one side. In early 2000 the lighthouse was transferred to the State of Louisiana. The lantern room is in storage awaiting restoration. The Lake Maurepas Society is working to preserve the structure, and they hope to eventually relight it with solar power. The state has provided $250,000 for restoration. In 2002 pilings were placed around the lighthouse in an effort to prevent the lean from becoming worse. In 2012, the lighthouse was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Isaac. The lantern room is now on display at Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum.

Tower Height: 40

Height of Focal Plane: 45

Description of Tower: White, cylindrical brick tower.

This light is not operational

Other Buildings?
House demolished in 1952.

Earlier Towers?
1839: Brick tower, had to be rebuilt in 1842 after the foundation disintegrated. 1846: Two story Victorian dwelling with a lantern on the roof. 1857: Combination brick dwelling and tower.

Date Established: 1839

Date Present Tower Built: 1857

Date Deactivated: 1987

Date Automated: 1941

Optics: 1859: Fourth order Fresnel lens.

Current Use: Destroyed.

Open To Public? No.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Isaac Zachary (1846-), Bartholomew Settson (1859-1861), Levi Wells (1867-1868), Anthony Succow (1868-1873), Mary Succow (1873-1909), Hugo Succow (1909-?), Louis Barbier (?-1941).


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