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Name: Presqu'ile Light (ON)  

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Nearest Town or City:
Presqu'ile, Ontario, Canada

Location: Owen Sound, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.

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Photo: Library and Archives Canada
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John Mackenzie of Sarawak, a pioneer of Presqu'ile, was the first keeper here. Earlier, he built a home and store near the water. He also built a 400-foot dock that became a regular port of call for ships heading west. This helped Presqu'ile grow into a prosperous port. Mackenzie was appointed on July 14, 1875, as keeper at an annual salary of $50 per annum. In addition to being lighthouse keeper and postmaster, he operated a store and a large hay shipping business. He also operated an amusement park. Mackenzie is said to have had two assistants: his youngest daughter Margaret and his collie, Buller, who would fetch the lighthouse key and wake Mackenzie at the appropriate hour.

Tower Height: 27

Height of Focal Plane: 31

Characteristic and Range: Fixed white, visible for 10 miles.

Description of Tower: White, square, pyramidal wooden tower.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1873

Date Deactivated: 1910

Current Use: Destroyed.

Keepers: John Mackenzie (1873-c. 1907), Hugh Mackenzie (1907-1910)


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