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Name: Sackets Harbor Light  

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Also known as: Horse Island Light

Also known as: Sacket's Harbor Light

Nearest Town or City:
Sackets Harbor, New York, United States

Location: Horse Island, Lake Ontario, west of Sackett's Harbor.

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Photo: Bill Edwards
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Managing Organization:
Private owner

This lighthouse was replaced by a skeleton tower in 1957. The island and lighthouse are now privately owned.

Tower Height: 70

Description of Tower: Square brick tower attached to keeper's dwelling.

This light is not operational

Other Buildings?
1870 1.5 story brick keeper's house, oil house, barn, privy.

Date Established: 1831

Date Present Tower Built: 1870

Date Deactivated: 1957

Optics: 1870: Fifth order Fresnel lens.

Current Use: Privately owned.

Open To Public? No.

From Bill Edwards: Turn off St. Rt. 3 to the west for Sackets Harbor, go west on Main St. (follow sign for Post Office). Just before you run into the Sackets Harbor Battlefield, turn left (south) on Hill (sorry, don't know if its Rd., St., Av., etc.), turn right (west) on Washington St., turn left (south) on Ontario St. Take it all the way, but just short of the dead end loop, on the right (west) side, on the other side of the private homes, is Horse Island. In about the middle of the Island is the light. It is BARELY visible from the road & you have to be straight on with it, peering through the homes & trees. To get the ONLY "halfway decent" view from shore requires you to cross private property to the shoreline -- so be polite. Best viewing is during the winter when the leaves have dropped.

Keepers: John McNitt (1832-1841), Jacob Kellogg, Jr. (1841-1843), Lorenzo K. Root (1843-1844), Samuel McNitt (1844-1860), Oris Westcott (1860-1861), J. McFarlane (1861-1866), Nelson Meeks (1866-1883), Horace G. Holloway (1883-1909), George H. Ward (1909-1926), Schuyler Sidney Simmons (1926-1932), Julia Shay Simmons (1932-?)


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