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Name: Wyre River Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Fleetwood, , United Kingdom

Location: North Wharf Sandbank, approach to Fleetwood, Lancashire, northwest England.

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Photo: Courtesy of Michel Forand
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The Wyre River Light was one of the first screwpile lighthouses ever built. Its designer, Alexander Mitchell, an Irish engineer who by 1820 had become totally blind at the age of 40, was nevertheless able to develop and patent his invention. His screwpile concept inspired other the design of lighthouses in England (Maplin Sands and Chapman), Ireland (Dundalk and Spit Bank), France (Walde), Italy (Meloria Shoal), Australia (Moreton Bay), New Zealand (Bean Rock and Ponui Passage) and the United States (where a large number of screwpile lighthouses were built in the late 19th century). The dwelling in the Wyre River Lighthouse was removed in 1948, and what remains of the structure is now abandoned.

Tower Height: 40

Height of Focal Plane: 30

Description of Tower: Red (later black) dwelling on seven piles.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1840

Date Present Tower Built: 1840

Date Deactivated: 1979

Current Use: Abandoned.

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