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Name: Schokland Zuidpunt Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Ens, , Netherlands

Location: North of Lake Ketelmeer, Flevoland Province.

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Photo: Courtesy of Klaus Huelse
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Schokland was formerly a densely populated island in the Zuiderzee (now known as the IJsselmeer). The island was evacuated by royal decree for safety reasons in 1859. In the 1920s and early 1930s, part of the Zuiderzee was reclaimed to be transformed into agricultural land. As a result, Schokland is now part of the Noordoostpolder (Northeast Polder). The first lighthouse on Schokland, a square stone tower, was established in 1618 near the south point of the island, Zuidpunt. It was destroyed in a huge storm that struck Schokland in February 1825. The second Zuidpunt lighthouse, built that same year, was replaced by a skeleton tower in 1856. The third lighthouse was discontinued in 1940, then destroyed in 1944.

Tower Height: 41

Description of Tower: Red, hexagonal iron skeleton tower, with a spiral staircase to the lantern.

This light is not operational

Earlier Towers?
1618: Square stone tower on a pier. 1825: Round stone tower.

Date Established: 1618

Date Deactivated: 1940

Current Use: Destroyed.

Keepers: ? Verschoor (1920s); Jan Schuurman (caretaker, ?-1940)


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