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Name: Punta Gorda Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Petrolia, California, United States

Location: 12 miles south of Cape Mendocino, 8 miles southwest of Petrolia.

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Managing Organization:
King Range National Conservation Area

Telephone: 707-986-5400


The lighthouse was replaced by a lighted buoy in 1951. All the buildings other than the lighthouse and oil house were burned down in 1970 to prevent squatters from using them.

Tower Height: 27

Height of Focal Plane: 75

Description of Tower: White square concrete tower with black cast iron lantern.

This light is not operational

Other Buildings?
Concrete oil house.

Date Established: 1912

Date Present Tower Built: 1911-12

Date Deactivated: 1951

Optics: 1912: Fourth order Fresnel lens (removed).

Fog Signal: Originally air sirens.

Current Use: Historic site.

Open To Public? Yes.

The lighthouse is located within the King Range National Conservation Area. From Highway 101 take Highway 211 toward Ferndale. Turn right on Ocean Drive, after two blocks turn left on Mattole Road. Continue to the town of Petriolia. The road goes uphill and to the right. After crossing the Mattole River, turn right on Lighthouse Road and continue to the beach. There is a 3 1/2 mile hike on the beach to the lighthouse, and it may be blocked at high tide.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Head keepers: Frederick Arthur Harrington (1911 -1917?), James Dunn (at least 1919? - 1921?), Herbert H. Luff (1926? – 1928), Charles W. Lindley (1928 -1939), Perry S. Hunter (1939 -1940), Harmon A. Day (1940 –1942?), Samuel “Hank”Mostovoy ( ? - 1951) First Assistants: Paschal Hunter (1911 - 1912), Albert N. Speelman (1912 -1915?), Leander W. Holmes (1917? - 1920), Joseph Harrington (1921 – 1924), Charles W. Lindley (at least 1926), Fred C. Saunders (1928 - 1929), Frank W. Ritchie (1930 - 1931), Clarence C. Snodgrass (1930), Perry S. Hunter (1931 – 1939), George C. Lee (1939 – 1940), Andrews C. Platt (1940 – 1941) Second Assistants: William E. Greer (1911 – 1912), Albert N. Speelman (1912), L. Jordan (1912 ), Fletcher Wills (1913), William P.D. Holmes (1915), Joseph Harrington (1917 -1920?), Charles W. Lindley (1921), Joseph T. Martinez (1926), Fred C. Saunders (1927), Clarence C. Snodgrass (1928 – 1930), Perry S. Hunter (1929 - 1931), Edmond Peter Perry (1934? –1935?), Wayne R. Piland (1936), George C. Lee (1937 – 1939), Olaf Rasmussen (1940? – 1942?)


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