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Name: Boulogne Tour d'Ordre Light  

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Also known as: Caligula's Tower

Nearest Town or City:
Boulogne, , France

Location: English Channel, Pas de Calais

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Photo: Courtesy of Michel Forand

The Tour d'Ordre -- a name believed to be a corruption of the Latin expression "turris ardens" ("fire tower") -- was built in the year 40 A.D. on orders of the Emperor Caligula, one of a number of pharos built at various points of the Roman Empire. It served as an aid to navigation for vessels crossing the English Channel. After the fall of the empire ca. 500 A.D., maritime trade declined and this lighthouse fell into disrepair along with many others. The Tour d'Ordre was restored as an aid to navigation for a brief period during the reign of Charlemagne, ca. 810. The fire at the top of the tower reportedly could be seen at Dover, on the other side of the English Channel. The tower disappeared in 1644 when the cliff on which it stood collapsed.

Tower Height: 125

Description of Tower: Conical tower in 12 stages.

This light is not operational

Date Established: c. 40 A.D.

Current Use: Destroyed.


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